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  •  Chilly Cheer (14+ / 0-)

    from the North Coast.  

    Cheers to Senator Brown.  (He's one of mine.)

    I do not recall that there was ever a question of gay or straight in Hon. #2 Son's B.S. troop.  I don't think any of his buds cared.  (Or the scoutmasters for that matter.)  Now he's in Venture Crew which is co-ed.  (And, yeah, there had been a couple who are now the baby-daddy and momma.  But they withdrew when that happened.)

    Anyhow. . .cheers to pooties, puppies, babies and birdies.  Have to go read the paper.  When the name "Kasich" in in the headline I KNOW I will need a second cuppa.  Too late it to early to pop the Black Jack.  I think I'll wait.

    Cheers to all here.  Hug someone.  Keep warm.

    February is National Heart Month. I guess that explains the Valentine's Day decor, huh.

    by Powered Grace on Tue Feb 05, 2013 at 05:56:52 AM PST

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