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  •  Cheers to the huge numbers of crows! (10+ / 0-)

    My block now looks like the set from an Alfred Hitchcock movie and when I first moved to New Mexico we never saw crows.  They moved in during the winter sometime in the 1990s or thereabout. They are waiting! At least that's my impression.  And the way we are going they wont have long to wait.

    Cheers to living in a (reasonably) sane state.  Even our more or less incompetent Republican governor looks sane compared to the Republican governors on each side of us. So far Martinez is kept in check by the Democratic legislature (not that all of them are with it either, but still it is better than some I could name).

    Cheers to FINALLY getting some interest on global climate change.  It's still not high on the radar, but I think it will become more so as the continuation of the drought and nasty storms start to sink in this summer.  Some people still don't seem to get it though.

    Cheers to sunlight on desert mountains in a crystal clear sky.  There still is beauty on the planet.

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