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View Diary: For electric power generation, the end of fossil fuel is in sight (215 comments)

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    Joieau, BYw, elwior

    but not carbon-neutral.  All of these end up BURNING stuff, which doesn't solve the problem of putting carbon in the air.  I'd like to hear more about the loma prieta methods of controlled burning that leave most of the carbon as charcoal which can be plowed under as an excellent soil amendment.

    •  Emissions of a diesel engine 'burning' (1+ / 0-)
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      biologically-based oils have been evaluated. 67% less unburned hydrocarbons, 48% less carbon monoxide, 47% less particulates, 10% less nitrous oxide than petroleum diesel. NO sulfates, 80% less aromatic hydrocarbons, 50% less ozone.

      If biodiesel were combined with hybrid technology, emissions would reduce further. But if somebody comes up with a cleaner transportation engine I wouldn't mind a bit.

      BTW, charcoal isn't that great a soil amendment, cannot be "plowed under" in unlimited quantities without destroying the fertility of the soil. Given our ridiculous burden of coal ash (used for many years as 'inert filler' in agricultural fertilizers thus already "plowed under" as well as filling pits and ponds far and wide at great risk to communities), I'm leery of biomass for electrical generation. There's plenty of heat coming from the sun, if we've got to boil water to generate 'trons, use CSP. But development of kinetic energy sources is far more promising - no burning.

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