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View Diary: New York attorney general arrests construction firm owner for wage theft (95 comments)

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  •  Um, I'm happy to see a crooked owner face (1+ / 0-)
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    Andrew Lazarus

    major penalties.

    But I'm shocked by the numbers.

    $50 an hour for laborers?  That's $100,000 a year for unskilled work.  Is that correct?

    I say this as a small business owner who is VERY generous with his employees and very pro-union (and, indeed, a former union member).  But I can't imagine paying that much for an unskilled laborer.

    I can't believe the prevailing wage in NYC is $100K for an unskilled laborer.  Something's wrong there.

    BTW, a Mason Tender is an unskilled helper.  I can't believe those guys expect $50 an hour.

    When I was working a union job at a shipyard doing incredible physical and SKILLED work, I was making about $3 an hour, and those were good wages in 1972.

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