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View Diary: Mississippi on forefront of banning animal-human hybrids (139 comments)

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    If progressives are really values based, not merely just another partisan affiliation, we will embrace legislation like this.

    We do stand at the edge of an era of genetic modification. It's already common in plants we eat and otherwise consume (clothes we wear, etc) to get genes transferred from other creatures. Often animal genes are included in the plants, to give some industrial advantage originally carried by the animal's species - like the antifreeze proteins found in bottom dwelling fish for frost resistant crops. This is already a serious problem: genomic pollution fed to consumers. Our legislation to date is backwards: it prohibits even labeling food as genetically modified, let along revealing its actual ingredients. You eat it thinking it's "this", but it's really kinda "that"; and nobody really knows what the new "that" is or what it'll eventually do to you.

    So what if some theocrats want to ban genetically modified embryos because they're superstitious? They're also installing laws designed to suppress Muslims that can be used under equal protection to undermine their own theocratic power. These laws banning human/animal GM are good for us. Most of our laws are sausages made by compromise between people without complete agreement on motives. We don't vote on motives. We vote and legislate actions.

    Human/animal embryos are bad. They should be banned. And we should further legislate to indicate any animal that includes human genes - or any other species' genes.

    These GM chimeras are against my religion. Sure, I'm an atheist, but I do agree with these theocrats that something I don't understand and might not even exist still tells me I shouldn't eat them. Since we agree on the act, let's leave our total disagreement on the reason at the door.

    "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." - HST

    by DocGonzo on Thu Feb 07, 2013 at 04:30:09 AM PST

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