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  •  that's a convoluted bit of logic (9+ / 0-)

    so by buying pot illegally, you're funding the drug war? fuck that, by paying your taxes you're funding the drug war. whether or not a given purchase of pot funds violent cartels or some dude growing in his basement depends entirely on who you buy it from.

    militarized prohibition is the problem. i've voted against it every chance i've gotten.

    •  it is more than militarized prohibition. (0+ / 0-)

      from Pringles to prozac, we are, all of us, drugged out.

      however, as long as one buys illegal drugs, one is responsible for the violence of that culture. just as i am burdened by my decisions as a consumer and how those choices affect people and the environment. or if i decide to drink and drive.

      we are not alone. our actions are not quiet and singular. they have consequences to a scale we generally can not fathom.

      •  "that culture"? (0+ / 0-)

        way to paint with a broad brush.

        •  yet you don't respond to the premise. (0+ / 0-)

          and i'm quite surprised by what i'm reading as some kind of anger here.

          •  you lump many different things together (0+ / 0-)

            (both different substances and widely disparate groups and individuals producing and selling those substances) as a single malevolent culture, which you claim is violent and immoral on the sole basis of it being illegal, and then claim that anyone purchasing any substance designated as illegal by the state is supporting the acts of this broad brush "culture."

            your inability to distinguish between some dude growing a plant in his basement or backyard with seriously violent cartels is what is frustrating me. i'm not so much not grasping your premise as rejecting its validity.

            •  you don't understand the premise. (0+ / 0-)

              most pot comes from cartels despite this nice little bullshit story that EVERY pot smoker tells of his/her pot smoking being harmless because they but it off some dude growing it in his basement.

              bullshit. while that happens (grass grown in basements), pot is as big a business as crack or any other illegal drug and that fact, it being BIG business, propels those involved into a nasty culture.

              i have always been a proponent of legalizing drugs. not that i condone drug use. i don't. but i believe the impact on society can be mightily mitigated if legalized.

              until such time and while Mexican drug cartel drug wars continue to spill into the USofA and innocents get caught in the cross fire in bad neighborhoods or don't get the chance to grow up, I again say that purchasing illegal drugs is wrong. unethical. and immoral.

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