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  •  the one does not nullify the other. (1+ / 0-)
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    although i'm not sure the comparison is apt (see my conclusion below).

    however, the first thing you must understand is this: i'm not addressing, in this context, harm to users. btw and imo, believing there is no harm is a bit naive... my opinions about drug use are based on much personal experience and those experiences were a total waste in so many ways.


    what i do say explicitly is that BUYING illegal drugs is an immoral act because it supports a dangerous and deadly culture, including the impact on women who get pregnant as users (of drugs or alcohol). there are far too many kids born with fetal alcohol syndrome or harmed by crack  et al. there are user health issues that families and society are stuck with; crime; money bleeding out of the economy in a totally negative way. there is just nothing good, positive, or life affirming about the drug culture as far as i can tell.

    in conclusion, we are forced to pay taxes. but we can certainly have power over our own discretionary spending

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