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  •  Nothing ethically wrong with pot. (5+ / 0-)

    Turns out it does nothing to fetuses.  Making things up isn't a basis for moral evaluation.  And depending on where you are you're usually getting it from medium sized mom-and-pop grow operations (west coast specifically).  If you're getting it in the midwest you're usually subsidizing relatively impoverished farmers, which is a good thing.  Plenty of people in appalachia have small plots to make ends meat, and they risk big jail time just to have that extra bit of cash flow.  

    I saw your post below.  Remember, as long as you pay taxes, you really ARE responsible for the bombed burned out bodies of brown children worldwide.

    •  what i wrote was this: (1+ / 0-)
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      buying pot ILLEGALLY is an immoral act.

      i should have been clearer that the rest of my comment referred to drug use in general, thus my reference to fetuses was more related to alcohol, crack, et al. however, it is rather simplistic to make blanket statements that pot is harmless.

      what i did not address in my comments is the legal aspect in America, which certainly sucks. there is an escalation of criminalizing even ordinary behavior (remember the guy who got arrested in the mall in upstate NY for wearing an anti Bush t-shirt?).

      i am totally against the prison industrial complex and the privatization of prisons. bad idea for so many reasons, profit making being one.

      however my comment really was about the unethical aspects of participating in the illegal drug culture.

      •  Participate in 'illegal drug culture', (1+ / 0-)
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        then evaluate its morality.  You simply have no clue what you're talking about.

        •  then answer this: (0+ / 0-)

          is it ethical/moral to buy illegal drugs?

          how is that you can correlate drones and tax use (correctly) but can not connect the devastation of illegal drug culture in all its aspects to buying illegal drugs, including pot.

          what makes buying pot any different from hard core drugs, if that is the invisible line or if you're putting pot in some different category? the business model is as brutal and feeds the vampires.

          or is it that you don't like to think about smoking pot and the consequences of that decision on others...

          •  Interesting question (1+ / 0-)
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            It is pretty clearly unethical. It is the morality that must be decided by the individual.

            Having said that, is it ethical/moral to shop at WalMart? Or buy Nike gym shoes? Or Apple iPhones?

            All are ethical, but are they moral?

            Just sayin'...

            I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

            by itsjim on Tue Feb 05, 2013 at 12:14:48 PM PST

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          •  Let me come up with a better metaphor. (0+ / 0-)

            Saying it's unethical or immoral to participate in what you call 'illegal drug culture' because some people who illegally sell drugs are violent is the same as saying it's unethical or immoral to be Muslim because some Muslims are terrorists.  Or Christian.  Or American.  Or anything.  The logic here renders everything everywhere unethical and immoral.  It's like saying that providing prenatal care to a woman who happens to give birth to a killer is immoral.  "Why did you give her that prenatal care?  You know some people who are born are killers!"  Let me change it around to your statement.  "Why did you give him money for that pot!  You know some people who have sold pot at some point are killers!"  It makes zero sense.  Zero.

            •  it's not that "some" people (0+ / 0-)

              are violent in the illegal drug culture. it is that the whole set up, because it is illegal, is violent and results in zero positive benefit. the illegality of it provides the rationale to act further outside social norms, like killing, getting teenagers hooked and selling... whatever.

              of course, some drug dealers are very rich. but then, as a friend of mine said years ago: "easy money is the hardest money you'll ever make. you're always looking over shoulder." just look at the Forbes 500 billionaire drug lord, now dead.

              i'm fine with pot as medicine. or recreational use. as long as it's legal.

              it may be your perception that the drug culture is not violent or that it is only violent in pockets or certain circumstances. i don't agree.

              but as a matter of principle, i am anti most drugs, legal or otherwise. in fact, i'm not all that big a fan of health care as formulated... another disaster creating a mammoth medical industrial complex that provides access to disease maintenance and insurance. in fact, the standard now is to brand diseases in order to create drugs. it's gotten way way out of hand, imo.

              perhaps it's a bit off topic here, but since i've gone there: true health care? safe food/water, good prenatal care for all pregnant women, and clear understanding of developing children, their nutritional needs and what not to expose them to (like toxic plastics et al). now that is what i would call health care.


              •  You aren't entitled to your own facts. (0+ / 0-)

                "it may be your perception that the drug culture is not violent or that it is only violent in pockets or certain circumstances. i don't agree."

                You don't agree.  And are simply factually wrong.  This isn't some subtle difference in analysis.

      •  prohibition of pot is a bad law (1+ / 0-)
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        just because something had been made illegal does not necessarily make it immoral, any more than something being legal makes it moral. not all pot producers are shady or violent.

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