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  •  i stopped after (0+ / 0-)

    i saw on the TV news a story about a young kid who'd been shot in the head, caught in the cross fire between drug dealers.

    it was then i knew that i was part of the problem and my buying illegal drugs was connected to what happened to that child...

    after that, it became very simple.

    the commenters here seem not to be able to untangle the one issue participating in the violent illegal drug culture (created certainly because they are illegal) from the separate question of doing drugs, legal or not.

    yet, they clearly understand the same type of relationships, buying from Walmart or using products with Monsanto products or eating cheap animal meat and the horrific conditions of animals.

    and on the question of doing drugs, supposing they were all legal: like smoking cigarettes, it's a bad thing to do. enslavement is the worst of it and the bullshit that comes out of ones mouth, thinking we've hit on the secret of the universe, is the least. well, let me rethink that...

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