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  •  Circa 1991, severe ice storm Upstate NY (14+ / 0-)

    We live way out in the boondocks about 7 miles from the nearest small town. In 1991 we had a severe ice storm that took down about 20% of the trees, along with all the powerlines in the area. The next morning we awoke to bright clear skies, 18 degree temperatures and an ice-cold bedroom. Outside the glittering trees were gorgeous, but being unable to heat the house, or to cook anything, got old pretty quickly.

    The kids 'camped out' in a tent we pitched in the living room for the first few nights. But it soon became clear that our rural area was last on the list for power restoration, reasonably enough after service could be restored to the nearby cities. So I took the wife & kids to stay with my sister's family 100 miles away, then returned to go back to work.

    We had no power for 12 days. I worked in the office during the day, then returned home at night to burrow under a heap of blankets in the 38 degree bedroom. I showered at the hospital before work every morning. I read by candle-light before going to bed. And gosh, did I ever miss the wife and kids.

    The power finally came back on for all of 10 minutes on the 12th day after the storm; it came back on for good the day after that.

    For the next 5 years, we lost power again every time it got windy. The power guys ran replacement lines as directly and quickly as they could, which generally meant through the middle of the woods, which in turn meant damaged trees took the new lines down whenever the wind blew.

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