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    It's simple. There's nothing at all complicated about it.
    War—There won't be war when you decide you won't murder other human beings.

    You cannot hate without hating all; and you cannot kill some without killing all—because the welfare of any man is the welfare of all men. Through violence men are made to enslave and murder one another; through violence the world has been turned into this unimaginable hell; through violence the rulers of this hell are enabled to maintain their positions.

    Have you ever looked at a man?
    There is something helpless and majestic about a man.
    If you believed in anything, you could not kill a man.

    A man has two legs.
    He'll build a house—from cellar to rooftop—with his own hands.
    He'll put seeds in the ground.
    He'll watch the sun and the rain at work.
    He'll take a woman to bed.
    He'll find enough tenderness and love to get him through the day.
    You'd think that man deserved a little something.
    You'd think that man was worthy of a jot or two of sympathy and consideration.
    You'd think that maybe someone would say:
    Let's just let him alone for a while, and see what he can do.

    They try to fix it so nobody'll care what happens to a man anymore.
    I don't mean millions—I mean any one man anywhere.
    If anything is worth anything it's because one man is worth something.
    If any one man isn't worth something, then nothing whatever is worth anything.
    It's all got to come back to any one man anywhere or it isn't going anywhere.
    Don't tell me how interested in Confucius or Jesus Christ you are.
    Tell me how interested in any one man anywhere you are.
    You don't get it.
    You'd cry.
    You'd cry, if you could feel that.
    It's all got to come back to one man or it isn't going anywhere at all.

    This house. Do you see this house?
    It is a house where human beings live.
    There is a strange dignity about them.
    They are looking at you as I talk.
    I want you to leave them alone.

                                                                           —Kenneth Patchen

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