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  •  I've never been to either. (none)
    And want to go to both. But I'd be more excited about going to Vegas than Chicago. Maybe even because it's such an environmental abomination.

    I've just got to see that.

    Meanwhile, DC area Kossacks, rejoice! And pray for the continued survival of Independence Air, which has added Las Vegas to its list of destinations. And yes, Chicago is in there, too.

    At the moment, tickets are running as low as $83 each way to and from Vegas, and $79 each way to and from Chicago. So (assuming they survive) I'd just as soon go to Vegas for $4 more each way.

    And if it turns out that Independence Air is anti-labor, don't anybody tell me! I have lived next door to Dulles airport for ten years without ever being able to get an affordable flight out of there until Independence came along.

    •  Took Independence to NYC (none)
      last weekend and it was a pleasant experience and it was cheap.  I'm interested in their flights to LV as I go there for work once a year.

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      by mlk on Wed Jun 01, 2005 at 10:16:05 AM PDT

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      •  I've taken them to some expensive markets. (none)
        Or at least, some relatively expensive ones. Flying from Dulles, anyway. I've flown them to Manchester, NH and Charleston, SC. Plus I took the inaugural flight to Fort Myers, FL, which was cool in itself.

        Always cheap, always a good experience. God, I hope they survive. Those flights always used to be $400+ from Dulles.

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