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  •  I don't think we should get into contests (4.00)
    But we should have a fund and a sliding scale for Kossacks who need assistance.  For instance, the registration fee could be lower for students/Kossacks under 25.  In addition to taking up the slack by paying a higher registration fee, I'd also kick in a couple of bucks to a travel fund to assist other Kossacks with airfare.  
    •  I was thinking about this, too. (4.00)
      Maybe a sliding scale based on income/assets?  Or some way to help out people who really want to make it but financially have issues.  A travel fund is a great idea.
    •  Good idea, (none)
      but I'm worried that even with a sliding scale on registration fees or assistance with airfare, some less well-off Kossacks will still be priced out of participation.  I think you're right, a contest is a bad idea.  But I would like to see total sponsorship of maybe 5 to 10 Kossacks who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford the convention.  I would be willing to contribute to a fund to ensure that those perspectives are represented.

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      by GN1927 on Wed Jun 01, 2005 at 11:29:58 AM PDT

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