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  •  a month for $150-$200? (none)
    can you send me your shopping list and what a typical meal looks like? i've been trying to spend less on food, but i can't get close to that low.
    •  for a while (none)
      I had to strictly limit my groceries to $100 a month, which involved a fair amount of brown rice and beans and steamed vegetables and whole wheat toast and hummus (or PBJ), I figured the trick was to think what foods were low cost and high nutritional value as well as satisfying, and come up with good recipes for those. I am vegetarian, which can either mean buying expensive specialty and prepared foods, or it can mean something rather simple. Specialty protein foods can be a little expensive (as buying good cuts of meat can be more expensive), but you don't physiologically need a great deal of protein, especially if you are eating whole rather than refined grains.

      I would say my strategy is: eat expensive foods sparingly but don't totally eliminate the foods you love best, eat lots of inexpensive but high nutritional value foods. Once you figure out which foods to concentrate on, go to and find some tasty recipes.

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