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View Diary: YearlyKos Convention - VOTE ON THE LOCATION! (407 comments)

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  •  LAS VEGAS (none)
    You have to come to Las Vegas. Why? Because the 'Young Republicans' convention was just held here and you realy need to come in and clear the stench out.

    Freaky little b*stards were running all over town with thier white shirts hanging out of their black slacks like a horde of Scientologists on crack. They scared the hookers, puked on the carpets and passed out in the bushes, and worst of all- NEVER TIPPED ANYONE.

    One afternoon there was a group of them standing in front of the Bellagio preaching right wing christian values to the tourists - and that evening I saw the same group streaming into Sapphires Gentlemans club. Sorry kids, the dark sunglasses and fake noses just didn't cut it.

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