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View Diary: YearlyKos Convention - VOTE ON THE LOCATION! (407 comments)

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  •  Relunctantly, I choose Las Vegas (none)
    And here's why. We need to get beyond the 'red state' 'blue state' labels and be the fiscal conservatives that we are and choose the more cost effective location. By keeping costs low, (and thanks to the planning committee for doing excellent ground work), we open up attendance to a wider range of participants. Isn't that the point?  There is a big difference between someone not attending because they don't like the location and someone not attending because they can't afford to. We want this convention to be open to everyone. I love Chicago and as a veteran of planning conferences, I have planned many conferences there, and the costs of staying in the city are more than just the hotel and airfare. Parking fees for those driving, transportation costs to and from the airport and around the city, food, (I could be wrong, but I believe the area around the Hyatt has limited access to  restaurants outside the hotel that tend to be significantly cheaper, and many of those are not open on weekends), these costs add up very quickly. I'll admit, Vegas is not my favorite city, but it's very accessable for out of towners. And maybe we can take advantage of our numbers and do some 'blue' recruiting. Beats preaching to the choir.

    "Even if you're on the right track you'll get run over if you just sit there." - Will Rogers

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