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    Full automatic is what you see in movies. A bad guy holds the trigger down and there's a continuous rapid fire until the gun runs out of ammunition, which never happens in the movies. Such weapons are already hard for civilians to own.

    Semi-automatic means the gun fires one shot per trigger pull. After each shot the gun readies the next round with no work needed on your part. Hold down the trigger and nothing more happens. Seconds pass. Minutes pass. Three Republicans make stupid comments about rape. Eventually you get bored and let go of the trigger.

    Pull the trigger rapidly and it fires rapidly.

    What makes Bushmaster-type weapons so hideously well suited for 12/14 type crimes is that a shooter can load them with 30 or even a hundred rounds at a time, and when he runs out, he can swap in a new magazine in a second or two, making it only justly barely possible for someone to tackle him without being shot.

    There are also semi-automatic rifles which conveniently ready the next round for you but which require more time-consuming reloading after a few shots. Those are better suited for hunting than for atrocities.

    I can't speak for people who own firearms like those on the Feinstein list but I think they're afraid that if laws don't have to make sense, then there's no limit on what the next law might do.

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