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  •  Do you know it's possible to write different laws? (0+ / 0-)

    Just because a bill might share a name with a law passed 20 years ago, that does not mean the new bill has to contain the exact same wording as the defunct law. Legislators are free to write the new law in any way they chose and which has enough political support.

    So you can be certain no one is interested in enacting weak and ineffective laws. That is why your contribution and similar ones are helpful. The key to successful gun regulation reform is to avoid the intentionally watered-down laws which emerged under NRA suppression efforts.

    Pro-NRA gloating about the way the old AWB failed, such as this diary, will help present-day efforts to craft effective laws. Listening to the NRA brag on how they de-toothed the old AWB laws makes that goal much easier.

    Thank you.

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