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View Diary: Arizona congressman tries to lure gun manufacturers to his state (59 comments)

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    but although I live in NYC, when I started a business some years ago, having the luxury of choice, I registered as a NJ company. New York, and NYC in particular, are full of stupid and annoying regulation (requiring much filling-out of forms) and exact noticeably higher taxes. NJ is no paradise, but it was the lesser of evils. My wife, lacking the choice, has had to put up with the regime. At all levels here, people regularly and actively look for ways to avoid the regs and the taxes, from all the FL and NJ plates on Brooklyn cars, to business people who make absolutely certain that they spend not one second more than 182 days each year here (to avoid NYS and NYC tax). NY may be doing sort of alright compared to other states, but that's very much despite its hostile business practices. And there is no good way to measure the amount of business that, deterred, sets up elsewhere in the first place.

    •  I lived in a tax haven for a while. (0+ / 0-)

      Didn't save me much b/c I'm not Romney, but I did learn that many, many US companies set up offshore as "shelf corporations" to avoid certain states' regulations.  And some companies set up offshore to avoid having to deal with 50 different sets of state regulations.  Costs like $5K a year and an annual director's meeting in the tropics to circumvent tangled, contradictory, and oftentimes nonsensical regulations.

      There is a legitimate complaint to be made about onerous regulations in America, although too many Repubs cry about "gubmint regulations" being the horror of horrors without the slightest idea what they are talking about.

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