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View Diary: Ohio Sheriff Calls President Obama An Enemy - Won't Enforce Laws He Doesn't Like (252 comments)

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  •  You fail to realize (0+ / 0-)

    I say again I am not affiliated with the TEA party. I lost? My guy didn't even have a chance to get in the debate. Mitt Romney lost because other like minded libertarians didn't vote for him.
    Why is it that you feel like you have to speak the way you do? So rude and condesending, using profanity and calling people names because they don't share your views?
    I own a AR-15, it holds 1 30 round magazine, it shoots 1 round at a time, I also own VP Bidens suggestion, a shotgun, that can shoot 2 rounds at a time, over under, means it has 2 barrels, I also own a 9mm that holds a 16 round magazine, plus one in the chamber, so 17 rounds, oh and the precious military that you talk about taking our weapons? Most have the same beliefs, oh and lets not forget the fact that most of the alphabet soup departments, are prior military as well, Just like I am, this country couldn't have another civil war, because if we did, could any of you actually fight us? Would you have the same fight in you as the North did when they fought the south? I am from the West coast, so I am not a hill billy or a redneck, from the south, but I know my history, and I honestly dont think that if a civil war happened that the gun grabbers would win this one.
    Just my opinion.

    •  Oh (0+ / 0-)

      Lets not forget that I am citing a Harvard study, I am not making these numbers up by myself

    •  I am defensive by nature... (0+ / 0-)

      I am used to dealing with bigoted rednecks accusing anyone who thinks differently of "hating America". So when confronted with someone telling me I don't know history or the constitution, I get my guard up. Whether or not the military has the same beliefs wasn't really my point. If they wanted to take over society, they could do it hypothetically. Regardless of views. The truth of the matter is that if we wanted to fight a conquering force, insurgencies like the one in Iraq would be the way to go. Direct force would fail quickly. IEDs and strategic bombings would make more of an impact then directly shooting at them. I am also defensive because I am sick of turning on the news and hearing about yet another crazy person shooting up innocent people. The system we have in place clearly isn't working and the only suggestion groups like the NRA have is to tell everyone to buy more guns. The problem is there are too many guns in circulation. Adding more doesn't strike me as a solution. The NRA is also just a lobbying arm of the gun manufacturers yet gun owners pretend they are looking out for them. Sorry, but they aren't. When you compared president Obama to, what I saw as King George, the first thought that came to mind were all those baggers holding up signs saying they aren't being represented or that they need to overthrow the government just because they lost an election.  

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