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View Diary: Abbreviated pundit roundup: The NRA is seriously overplaying its hand (137 comments)

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    are controlled by people - according to the IRS annual report, 400 individuals control more wealth than the bottom 150,000,000 people in this country - THOSE people, controlling the corporations, also control BOTH major parties. By controlling the parties, they control the electoral process.

    90% of the media is owned by only 6 corporations - also under the control of the 400 individuals above, for the most part.

    Therefore, a small group of very wealthy folk (a plutocracy), aided and abetted by some very influential, but not wealthy folk (combined with the plutocracy, forming a controlling oligarchy) control the parties and the message getting out to "the folk".

    So, you are half right - we should fear the control of the corporations, but since they control the government - the corporations ARE THE GOVERNMENT in fascist America.

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