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View Diary: Assassination Rationales Then & Now--And How Awlaki Didn't Meet Any of the Criteria (163 comments)

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    Again, read the case. You keep making the false assertion  that the court ruled that   it couldn't hear the case due to Al-Awlaki never having been charge. The drivel from an idiot like Greenwald that you posted in no way rebuts this.  
    Bradenberg protects speech, and even then, not absolutely. There is evidence that Al-Alwaki did much more than say "The US is eeeeevillll." He actually recruited and helped provide training on a specific mission to kill scores of Americans. That's not protected speech under the most tortured reading of Brandenberg. If it were, conspiracy charges could almost never be successfully brought and in fact, the government successfully convicts people on conspiracy charges all the time.

    Educated yourself on these matters.

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