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View Diary: Memo explains administration's legal rationale behind targeted killings. Senate critics not soothed (543 comments)

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  •  The alternative is (16+ / 0-)

    not to wage an open-ended, undeclared global war against AQ and "associated forces," because such a war violates international law, kills huge numbers of civilians, leads the US into unholy alliances with abusive regimes, and creates more terrorists and terrorist-sympathizers...

    It was one thing when the US was focusing on trying to kill high-level AQ in Afghanistan dn Pakistan -- people who, you know, actually had something to do with 9-11. It was problematic legally, morally, and strategically but still retained elements of legitimacy. But now the US is killing people who are affiliated with a group in Somalia that didn't even exist on 9-11, a group that poses not threat to the United States.

    Rosa Brooks, who worked in Obama's defense department, laments the

    ...unknown numbers of unnamed people executed by the United States for unspecified reasons in unacknowledged drone strikes, with no safeguard against abuse (or simple mistake) beyond the good faith and good sense of executive branch officials.  
    And the notion that we can kill terrorism away is just silly. AQ should be treated as a criminal enterprise -- as our current Secretary of State once acknowledged, before cowering before criticism.

    I could go on and on and on. Stop waging a war. Stop pretending AQ is the Third Reich.

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