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  •  David Brooks on data and other hard stuff (4+ / 0-)

    In his column today (first in a series!) the mouthpiece of whats left of Ye Olde Eastern Republican establishment sallies forth to explain to the heathen when we should trust data and when we should rely on 'intuitive pattern recognition" ie what our gut tells us.
    Doubtless these columns will be assembled into a future best seller to adorn the coffee tables of the rich and stupid, but just to cut to the chase, I expect magical thinking will come to the fore in the way Republicans just know stuff like Obama is a Muslim, or a communist, or gay, or all of the above. And how guns dont kill people. And the wurld is 6000 yrs old give or take a long weekend. And all wimmin long for a smelly old white man with a $2 haircut to tell them what to do with their naughty bits. And Al Gore invented global warming so he could be bought off by the Qataris. And any other delusions ignorant mouthbreathers cling to like Linus and his blanket to get thru long nightsweats obsessing about black helicopters and anal probes.

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