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View Diary: BREAKING: For the First Time as President, Obama Will Visit Israel to Push the Peace Process (64 comments)

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  •  I see also that I chose words that were too broad (0+ / 0-)

    such as saying "they all think...". I understand why this is offensive, intended or not. If I read that from someone else I would bristle myself.

    Emotionally where it came from is a lamentation of the stuff I saw that's in the way of peace on that one side that I had experienced firshand. It is quite possible my information, being ten yrs old, is out of date or I thought my experiences and those of my friends and their associates were broad enough (as they did) to generalize. In my passion I chose words that were too sweeping and definitive, more than I actually think. I've not done that in writing before.

    I feel like I'm a sister caught between two siblings who are fighting and misunderstanding and hating eachother...that's what the feeling was. I have deep ties to both sides of the conflict.

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