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  •  Huh. Now that you mention it... (2+ / 0-)
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    Lorinda Pike, Dvalkure

    they probably did/do. Though by the time I was well past the Cuban Missile Crisis (when I determined not to be afraid because I didn't believe they REALLY wanted to make us extinct), the counter-subject of Nuclear Winter came along from the scientific community. We'd all freeze in the dark.

    Because it was after the crisis and before global warming, it cannot have been the reason the oligarchy backed down.* Honestly, global politics are terminally deceptive at all times, it's almost like us and the 'bad guys' (Communists) were just playing a board game, not truly intended to result in The End Of Us All...

    It's a dynamic. They pushed the envelope so severely in 1962 that they learned better than to push it that hard ever again. So they don't, apart from notable propaganda efforts the public knows to take with a grain of salt. Global warming is an existential threat over hundreds of years. Nobody knows if that scenario will get shifted into overdrive, but lately it seems to be looking likely.

    *I know someone who spent a career in the State Dept. Through the years, I've asked when I see him, "How's the state of the world today?" He has always answered...

    "Desperate, as usual."

    As it is designed to be, IMO.

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