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  •  All sorts of wackadoodle Cold War projects; (2+ / 0-)
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    Joieau, Dvalkure

    I'm currently watching a cheerful 'patriotic' circa 1960 video on the Nike Hercules program, touting this anti-aircraft missile system as a "good neighbor" to suburbanite civilians behind their white picket fences. Since there were >200 Nike bases built all around America's metropolitan areas, the Army was very eager to make them seem as part of the community as the baseball field and the public school.

    The thing is, the Nike base in your backyard had nuclear warheads. Yep; to be sure of destroying that formation of incoming Soviet bombers, most bases had at least a handful of nuclear warheads ready and waiting. Mounted at the tip of a missile loaded with highly explosive rocket fuel. In at least one case, a Nike base suffered an accidental (conventional) explosion that killed about a dozen people and made a major mess of the place. And with the rise of ICBM's, they were obsolete overnight.

    Good neighbors!  

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