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  •  Because that's your browser's job. (6+ / 0-)

    Most web browsers have the capacity to spellcheck locally on your own computer when you type into fields (the big box you type the comment body into in dailykos) and fields (the subject line you type into in dailykos).  Try to search around for it in your browser's settings.  It should be a thing you can enable.  This is preferred because everyone's computer already has a dictionary in it locally for spellchecking so having the input fields communicate the necessary data back and forth to the server to have the server do the checking as you type is a big waste of network traffic. ("Hey server, he typed another word.  it's 'aaaardvark'  Is that word okay? No?  Okay then what are some good close matches?"  "Hey server, here's another word he just typed.  Lets talk about that one next...", etc.)

    Also, doing it locally puts you in control of what sorts of exceptions you want to insert into your spellcheck dictionary for words it likely doesn't know because they're too technical or for things like the names of your friends.  You don't want that done globally on the server so that either you can't adjust the dictionary, or worse yet you CAN but so can everyone else.

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