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View Diary: NRA lackeys trying to change the subject of them being NRA lackeys (45 comments)

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  •  Do you know anything about our district? (5+ / 0-)


    I've been a long time fan.  I've been reading Daily Kos since near the beginning.  I have to say I'm really sick of these attacks on Debbie Halvorson.  I'm a friend...we grew up near each other and she has known my family for years.  We both grew up in the new 2nd District. She does not deserve this and neither does this district.

    I am personally against guns so I probably have very similar ideas to the people here.

    First, you can't cheer the Bloomberg PAC on one hand for trashing Debbie and then be against Citizen's United on the other.  These PACs are terrible for our democracy.  We should not support any of them.

    Please keep in mind that Debbie is a mother and grandmother. She is the mother of a veteran who was terribly wounded in Afghanistan and spent a lot of time at Walter Reed. She is the former IL Dem Senate Majority Leader.  She VOTED for Obamacare and lost her seat over it. She is pro choice and she VOTED for the Lilly Ledbetter Act.  She is a huge veteran's advocate and helped to get a mega clinic in Joliet, IL. She VOTED for the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes act.  She supports gay marriage.  She VOTED for banking reform.  Shall I go on?  She is a proud mainstream, pragmatic Democrat.  She is not some conservative, southern Democrat.

    Toi Hutchinson does not deserve to be trashed either.  She has been a great leader too.

    This race is turning into a one issue race.  It is ridiculous.  This is a poor district.  The discussion should be about jobs, jobs, and more jobs.  It should be about mass transit and the extension of the Chicago Red Line.  It should be about the the Iliana Expressway and the Abraham Lincoln Airport. Instead, Michael Bloomberg and Daily Kos has tried to make it all about guns.  The constituents deserve a lot more.

    I doubt that you have ever been in this district.  In the last remap, a large portion of Will and Kankakee Counties were added to the district.  Why?  So Jesse Jackson Jr. and Cook County officials could get his/their hands on the potential Abraham Lincoln Airport site and Iliana Expressway expansion. I suspect they wanted to dilute the power of emerging powerhouse Will County officials too. These portions of the new district are the edge of the suburbs, exurban, and rural.  These Democrats are hunters and gun owners.  They make up a large portion of the district now.  This new district is no longer a Chicago District.  It encompasses Chicago from the lakefront in Hyde Park all the way to the farm fields of Kankakee.

    So why do the Chicago and Cook County Democrats want to say that Debbie is too conservative?  She is from Will County near the airport site.  They don't want to lose this seat so they want to try anything to trash her.

    So just remember...while you cheer Michael Bloomberg and his PAC because they are siding with you today...tomorrow it could be the Koch Brothers or some other billionaire buying Democracy for their pet cause.

    Also remember, she has been a loyal Democrats voting for all the issues that readers here hold dear and making sure the Obamacare passed the House.  Don't trash a good woman.

    •  Its about Jobs, Jobs Jobs! (1+ / 0-)
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      I also live in the Will Co. section of the district and chicagodavid's post is spot on. There are progressive Democrats down here who are thankful for Debbie Halvorson's vote on the ACA that cost her the old 11th seat. The other solidly progressive votes she took should mean more in this forum than a 2010 NRA score.

      I've met Robin Kelly and I do think she is a strong candidate as well. However, at the recent Rich Central candidate forum, she trotted out some of the old JJJ rhetoric about the 3rd Airport. No one has ever been able to verify the 13,000 to 25,000 jobs number that the JJJ camp flung around. Now, Kelly is trotting out the same fake numbers for a boondoggle project that airlines won't use. How many jobs will an empty airport generate? For those of us who live here, trotting out old JJJ lies is as bad as an A rating from the NRA. Those of us who live here also remember Kelly's smiling face alongside JJJ out on I 57. I'm concerned that she is too closely associated with the now disgraced former congressman.

      Those of us who live here know the district needs blue collar jobs, white collar jobs, and service jobs. The candidate that will work the longest and the hardest is the one that progressives should be supporting. The district needs a person who can work with all industries to bring jobs here. My choice is between Robin and Debbie. It will be who better articulates a plan to work within congressional framework to get development and jobs here. I will look at their previous records and all legislation they voted for in the ILGA, especially on how it helped people get jobs!

    •  your words vs her words (1+ / 0-)
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      Your words speak strongly in favor of her, but her words refer to "catching" people with mental illness.

      If you are right and she is so great, I'm sure she just misspoke in the quote and will issue any apology.  Otherwise, I hope that other democratic candidates that can also vote well, as well as piss off the NRA, and be sensitive to the issues that some within her constituency face will put her out of any future public office.

      We can do better than people who speak and think like that.

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