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    I also live in the Will Co. section of the district and chicagodavid's post is spot on. There are progressive Democrats down here who are thankful for Debbie Halvorson's vote on the ACA that cost her the old 11th seat. The other solidly progressive votes she took should mean more in this forum than a 2010 NRA score.

    I've met Robin Kelly and I do think she is a strong candidate as well. However, at the recent Rich Central candidate forum, she trotted out some of the old JJJ rhetoric about the 3rd Airport. No one has ever been able to verify the 13,000 to 25,000 jobs number that the JJJ camp flung around. Now, Kelly is trotting out the same fake numbers for a boondoggle project that airlines won't use. How many jobs will an empty airport generate? For those of us who live here, trotting out old JJJ lies is as bad as an A rating from the NRA. Those of us who live here also remember Kelly's smiling face alongside JJJ out on I 57. I'm concerned that she is too closely associated with the now disgraced former congressman.

    Those of us who live here know the district needs blue collar jobs, white collar jobs, and service jobs. The candidate that will work the longest and the hardest is the one that progressives should be supporting. The district needs a person who can work with all industries to bring jobs here. My choice is between Robin and Debbie. It will be who better articulates a plan to work within congressional framework to get development and jobs here. I will look at their previous records and all legislation they voted for in the ILGA, especially on how it helped people get jobs!

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