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  •  How to send a Top Comment - The easy way: (25+ / 0-)

    Dear Kossacks -

    If you think you will one day nominate a Top Comment, the first thing to do (right now) is open the following link and Bookmark it:

    Send a Message to Top Comments
    Later, when you want to nominate a Top Comment, starting a kosmail will be easy. All you will have to do is Right-Click (or whatever) your Bookmark, and the Create Message page will open in a new tab, already addressed to the Top Comments team.

    Many times I have wanted to nominate a Top Comment, but I could not remember where to send the message. A Top Comment Bookmark lets me create a message easily.

    You will also need to remember that the orange timestamp on the bottom right of every comment is a link to that comment. You can actually open every Daily Kos comment in its own tab by Right-Clicking (or whatever) that orange timestamp.

    If you open the excellent comment in its own tab, you could use that tab to help you include the identifiers in your note. I always include the following information:

    1.  The name of the commenter.
    2.  A link to the comment (the URL).

    3.  The name of the diary.
    4.  A link to the diary (the URL).
    5.  The name of the diarist.

    6.  The reason you think it is a top comment. An answer to the question: "What makes this a Top Comment?"

    This is actually a little more than the Top Comments diarists require for a nomination, but I like to make it easy for them, and I like to put things in context.

    The daily deadline:
    Please submit your comment before 9:30 pm EST for that night's diary.

    Email your nomination:
    If you prefer, you can send an email to the Top Comments team at topcomments (at) gmail (dot) com. If you send an email, you must also perform a seventh step:

    7.  Include your Daily Kos name so the team can acknowledge you.
    Step 7 is not necessary when you send a kosmail, because your Daily Kos name is automatically included in a kosmail. Sending your Top Comment message by kosmail also keeps your identity secret in a way that email may not.

    If you Bookmark this comment ("How to send a Top Comment - The easy way"), you will be able to find these suggestions again easily. Right-Click (or whatever) on the orange timestamp of this message (down and to the right). Switch to the tab this comment opens in, Bookmark that tab, and then rename the Bookmark to something you will remember, like "How to Send a Top Comment." (I keep my Bookmark names very short so that many Bookmarks will be visible on the menu bar.)

    As usual, I welcome questions, clarifications, and corrections.


    ps - I am not a member of the DK Top Comments group. Members of that group may use text and/or concepts from this comment as they wish.

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