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View Diary: GOP is taking 'the matter with Kansas' national again (114 comments)

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  •  Thank you MisterOpus (10+ / 0-)

    You are so correct. Thanks for stating it so well. Its all about the gay  and the brown and the fetuses.

    Kansas may have bled for Free State status in our past. In our present, the racism is evident in the total lack of pride in PBO family's Kansas background. Heck, we will take credit for somebody who lived here for a few random years as a child.
    See Wikipedia Notable residents for proof. John Denver and Gary Hart are two examples. But we cant seem to acknowledge PBOs deep Kansas roots.

    Literally every national story is presented with a "Kansas Connection" by our local news. Did you know one of the Super Bowl Refs was from Kansas? And a Kansas business man invented a way to light up the football field to indicate every player's step which could eliminate the need for the first down marker, etc... Well you would if you watched Kansas local channels. They will spend more time on these "Connections" than the actual stories. But PBO? Absolutely nada.

    Kansas used to be the proud home of the Eisenhower Republican, but Ike would get ran out of the state on a rail nowadays. We have a proud tradition of moderate R & D governors who would come in and fix our problems. The Dockings, Bennett, Hayden, Graves, Finney. The list goes on and on. We elected Republican House and Senate but only moderate Governors of either party.

    I carry a slight hope (delusion) that this moderate history led voters into thinking Brownback would act like all other governors in most voters memory. If the voters believed this, they are suffering from whiplash!

    I used to be proud to be from Kansas but now am truly embarrassed. Anybody with a brain should have known what a zealot Sam was. After all, he converted to the Catholic church as an adult after enjoying, shall we say, subsidized housing at The Family compound in DC. From middle of the road Protestant to Opus Dei in one easy step. I mean WTF?

    I grew up in a small unincorporated town that should have lost their school in the early 60s but kept it going by the teachers basically working for free and voluntary community contributions. The commitment to education was all around us. Never thought I would see it die, but it has and it will be the difference between us and Mississippi.

    I should also mention that Sam also removed Homestead exemptions that allow poor, mostly elderly, to receive tax rebates for our HIGHLY regressive sales taxes (high as state, county and cities all tax it___with no exemptions for food) and high property taxes paid. In innumerable little towns, this WILL make the difference between grandma being able to stay in her home or not. Since this took effect January 1 this year, maybe grandma will vote these jokers out next time around.

    The mortgage exemption and the proposed increase in the supposedly temporary sales tax are proposed for the upcoming year. But yeah the realtors, Johnson County residents, and construction industry are pissed and that is not good news for Sam. He could be a one termer.

    I see DK enjoying the anticipated upcoming Rove/Tea Party apocalypse. But as a Kansan, I witnessed the absolute cannibalism in this past election and almost all of the moderate, or even conservative, republicans lost. Sam, the Kochs, and the Kansas Chamber of Commerce set out to get rid of the Senate moderates and it worked and things are just going to get worse. So I don't share the joy. If Kansas is a guide, the crazies will win and the takeover will be complete.

    On a side note, I wonder if the blue around Liberal is due to the Hispanic population drawn by the meat packing industry.

    •  Well said, (1+ / 0-)
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      and I'm not sure about Liberal, but I'd venture that's a very good guess as to why it went Blue.

      Lawrence, KS - From ashes to immortality

      by MisterOpus1 on Tue Feb 05, 2013 at 09:11:01 PM PST

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    •  There's more of us out here (0+ / 0-)

      than you think! If we could get Democrats in this state to stand up, get out and vote, we might have a chance.
      Our state party is poorly funded and so has to direct their money to places where they get the most bang for their buck.
      Unfortunately, that means no candidates to run in the first district.

      “We are not a nation that says ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’ We are a nation that says ‘out of many, we are one.’” -Barack Obama

      by skohayes on Wed Feb 06, 2013 at 04:07:32 AM PST

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