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View Diary: GOP is taking 'the matter with Kansas' national again (114 comments)

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  •  You've hit on half of what I've been thinking (6+ / 0-)

    But it's not only to "prove" that government doesn't work, and therefore kill it.  Take everything in aggregate, and it looks to me like they're trying to kill the Constitution and implement the Articles of Confederation by default.  The South is determined to -finally- win the Civil War.

    States are arguing and/or not implementing nearly every law that comes from the Feds.  Abortion is all but illegal in the United States because we're back to having all 50 states implementing their own patchwork limitations on it.

    We've got states bucking any possible new laws on gun safety by granting waivers for any guns made and sold within state lines (KS is now proposing this, too).  

    We've got states refusing Medicaid expansion money, and, in fact, killing their medicaid programs by privatizing them.  50 different states, all with no consistency on who is covered or why... or even "if!"

    While we made inroads for a time with states mandating wages higher than the minimum, all that seems to have done is open these states up now to trying to legislate wages lower than minimum wage.

    And while their much vaunted "flat tax" tax reform has failed at every corner on the federal side, they're just going ahead and implementing it at the state level -- just not under that name.  Once you've got enough red states to make up the majority, they'll see to it that it's finally implemented at the federal level.  

    I'd call it a bloodless coup, but as one family who's been living on one (much shrunken) paycheck instead of 2 paychecks for the last five years, it's been anything but bloodless for people like us.  But I'm convinced it is a silent coup, done on the sly.

    There is most definitely a method to the madness here.  It's just most of us are on the losing side of the madness.  They're intent on rolling back nearly 100 years of progress... both economic and social...  for the common man, and won't be satisfied until we're either back to sharecropping for them (just not necessarily in fields today), or dead because we're no longer useful and are simply using their air.

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