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View Diary: DHASCO®/ARASCO® Oils: Generally Recognized as Safe Infant Formula Additives (4 comments)

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    Urban Owl

    carrageenan is a natural product of seaweed, which may or may not be refined or further processed for use as a gelatin/thickener in food items. FAO/WHO dis-recommend its use in infant formulas because it's a high molecular weight polysaccharide. High molecular weight polysaccharides (and proteins, and other molecular classes) can trigger allergies/sensitivities. Degraded carrageenan (aka poligeenan) is suspected from rat, guinea pig and monkey studies to cause gastro-intestinal ulcers and/or gastro-intestinal cancers. Degradation to smaller molecules of poligeenan is caused by high processing temperatures and acidic conditions.

    So while often refined and/or processed, carrageenan is not a "synthetic" food additive.

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