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  •  And interesting window into the past (4+ / 0-)

    Only four years have passed since the financial crash, but I think even in that time some people, especially teenagers today, may have difficulty understanding just how much faith there was in the "greed is good" philosophy.

    Your post is a reminder of just how ingrained that idea had become in our political environment. So much so that even Democrats had to run as if maximizing free enterprise was accepted as an unqualified good. So much so that even today there are stubborn pockets of the philosophy that simply refuse to acknowledge that the markets don't always know best.

    I'm curious, what do you think made the difference for you when it came to keeping an open mind to the idea that your own ideas just might be wrong?

    •  Reality (3+ / 0-)
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      That's what made the difference.

      I also had good professors in grad school in Europe who I learned a lot of labor economics and developmental economics from. Helped to really put things into perspective.

      You really have to cut through the propaganda. There's no such thing as the free market, and as soon as one realizes that, the wall of lies comes tumbling down.

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