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  •  Funding and IP (5+ / 0-)

    I agree about the funding issue--something has GOT to be done about improving the way school funding is raised. Property taxes tank in bad years, at a time when our kids need education the most. I know Certain People believe that if they have no kids in the school system, they shouldn't have to pay for schools, but we all know that's a crock of shit. I, for one, prefer that the cashier at Wendy's knows how to make correct change.

    IP (intellectual property) has increasingly become a bone of contention between companies and employees, and I'm sorry to see it spreading to the academic world. Back in the Jurassic age when I started in the workforce, IP/inventions/copyright agreements were only for specialized employees whose job it was to create for the company. My last 3 employers demanded I sign agreements that gave them ownership of everything I wrote/designed/invented during my employment with them, regardless of time of day or equipment used. In each case, the company brought up the subject of the mandatory agreement AFTER they hired me, with the implied (and in once case, explicit) threat of firing me if I didn't sign. I signed the first two reluctantly, and negotiated to carve out some significant exclusions in the third one, but it still rankles.

    The next time I have to change employers, when they ask for a desired salary range, I'll give them two figures, my baseline and a 15% higher one if they require an IP agreement.

    + + + That crazy neighbor, you know, the one with all those cats

    by cvannatta on Wed Feb 06, 2013 at 07:41:48 AM PST

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