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  •  About a century ago a company tried (1+ / 0-)
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    to grab up all the music copyrights.

    As a result the law was changed where music copyrights were subject to compulsory licenses. Apple, who has profited mightly, should bear copyright history in mind.

    In many countries until recently patents were subject to compulsory licenses.

    Drugs still are under TRIPS 31, except for the US and maybe a few other countries.

    All the top kids are much smarter than in decades past. They get nearly perfect scores on the objective portions of the SAT. They are much smarter than the top kids decades ago.

    That anything wouldn't be obvious to them in their chosen field should be looked on with scepticism.  Perhaps, only specific drug molecules are non-obvious and patentable. Even thirty years ago, I was a "gun" for hire willing to do any computer-related job that paid decently.

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