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View Diary: Closely-Watched Court Decision Breaks Bad for Wall St. Has A Day of Reckoning Arrived? (154 comments)

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  •  I'm a highly critical reader of information. (12+ / 0-)

    You'll throw in opinions, but they are always clearly your opinions, and they are clearly always related to a previous or following link which are your basis for expressing them.

    And those links are always either mainstream, commonly reported, sources, or well established and legitimate commentators on economics who themselves are relying on court records, official statistics, or the commonly available news stories.

    I'm glad you appreciate my comment, but know that it's not a fraction of the appreciation I, and hundreds (thousands?) of others feel for your diaries.

    If not for you, the bizarrely-never-Rescued-or-Frontpaged gjohnsit, Joan McCarter and Meteor Blades, and a few irregular contributors, people coming to this site would have no sense whatsoever of what's going on in the world of power-as-actually-practiced.

    Thank you.

    PS: What's truly funny is the people who call you a "Doom and Gloomer" for these last, what? 7 years, when the objective circumstance is that we remain in a major Depression, where by every standard life is getting worse for ordinary people year after year, and there is no one in office even talking about that.

    Markos! Not only are the Gates Not Crashed, they've fallen on us. Actual Representatives are what we urgently need, because we have almost none.

    by Jim P on Wed Feb 06, 2013 at 11:12:17 AM PST

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