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  •  Balanced budget amendment would go nowhere (3+ / 0-)
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    And be immediately ignored because, well, our economy would instantly fall into a deep recession from the then-mandatory spending cuts that could no longer be kicked down the road like a cheap tin can.

    And I fucking hate term limits and define them as anti-Democracy, since they short-cut the choice of the voter and essentially declare that every two or three election cycles, we must roll dice.  It is a means for opportunistic fuckwads like Republicans to come steamrolling in after the term limit is over and pull a bait-and-switch on the voters.

    The two-term limit on Presidents was nothing more than sour grapes from the GOP who got their asses royally stomped by FDR four times in a row.  It needs to be repealed.  

    •  Regarding term limits I couldn't agree more (3+ / 0-)

      California implemented term limits for state officeholders sometime in the early 1990's (in any case it happened after I moved here in 1986 and believe me I voted against the idea).

      If people thought things were bad before that, they instantly became worse. If people were troubled by "career politicians" they should be even more concerned about legislation-by-lobbyists as that is what term limits amount to. The way it works in CA at least, by the time an assembly member or senator has learned his or her craft (and it does require skills to legislate effectively), they've run out of office time. Lobbyists are under no such limitations which means they are the ones writing the legislation, inserting pork for themselves and lumps of coal for their opponents, and by the time anyone realizes this it's too late.

      While I understand that there are certain downsides to long-term service, those are hardly insurmountable ones if a decent candidate is able to make a good argument regarding the incumbent's record, as happened to Pete Stark--who served 20 terms in Congress but lost out to another Democrat in the past election.

      The only really good form of term limit is the conditional kind that rolls around every two, four or six years.

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