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  •  The joys of 'evolutionary psychology' (1+ / 0-)
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    Most Awesome Nana

    Don't even ask.

    Evo-psych, which is what that is, is basically a bunch of guys (they're almost all men) thinking about human behavior, then comparing it to animal behavior, and trying to figure out how one might lead to another. It rarely makes testable predictions (because it's all based on observations and inferences), and when it does they are often proven wrong. After which the evo-psych people simply ignore the proof, or suddenly have the opposite opinion, equally well supported by evolutionary psychology.

    Nobody in the scientific community really takes it seriously, but it sells very well to people with some scientific training, because it sounds so plausible and reasonable... sounds like human behavior is simple and explicable if you just think about it right. As such, it's one of those hoaxes that is more dangerous to the educated and intelligent than it is to the less-educated.

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