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  •  Just forwarded the link to your diary (10+ / 0-)

    in an email to my girlfriend, a woman who I love very much, who is currently teaching in another country with a volatile socio-political climate (then again, I guess that' such conditions are simply a matter of degree nowadays, depending on the country in question).

    There are so many things you say that seem to have flown directly from many conversations that she and I have had, women's issues she has brought forth:

    The false questions from media and society:

    A lone American female was killed while touring in Turkey, and the only question people seem to be asking is, "Why was she traveling alone?"

    Not, "why would someone hurt a tourist?" but, "Why was she unescorted by a male-protector?"

    ... in essence, victim-blaming, while ignoring the conditions that led to the murder of Saria Sierra. When society is more interested in exploring these conditions, than it is falling into auto-paternalistic responses such as those responding to this story.... yeah, that would be pretty big.

    In the meantime, kudos to you for this diary, and a hat tip to your husband, whose lead I exercise, in guarding the freedom of my female soul companion as I would my own.

    One shrieks for three hours to millions of inexplicably loyal fans. The other... rock band... Canada.

    by bsmechanic on Wed Feb 06, 2013 at 02:18:26 PM PST

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