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  •  Just out of college, (17+ / 0-)

    young mom, and got a graduation present from my hubby. It was a Triumph Spitfire convertible. He and I were supposed to go to New York 'cause that was something I'd always wanted to do. At the last minute, he had contract obligations (musician), so I went alone in the car. I love the road alone. I can't sing a note and when there's no critic in the car I can cut loose without fear of sounding and feeling foolish.  At any rate, stayed at the Hotel Americana and one night Ella Fitzgerald was performing downstairs in their lounge.  I dressed and went down. At the door, the house security guy asked me why I was there. When I told him I'd come to hear Ella, he asked me for my key. Maybe it was because I was a mid twenties black woman alone, but I had the key. When he felt sufficiently foolish for having confronted me, I told him, "Now you owe me a seat in front of the stage!" ...and I got it!

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