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  •  Never Go Anywhere alone? (3+ / 0-)

    That does see wee bit on the over-cautions side of things. I am a loner by nature, but I am also quite cautious. Taking a buddy with you, presumes that you will be the one saved by said buddy, when in reality you might be the one endangered by the buddy. This past summer I hiked across the Grand Canyon with a small group of people. One of the people was an old friend of my Sister-In-Law who was not personally known to me and husband. It turned out that despite assurances, she was not physically or supply-wise equipped for the trip and while it sure saved her life to have us as her Buddies, she ended up endangering everyone's life by forcing us to stay in dangerous heated conditions. The irony was that we were down on the Canyon floor in July because she insisted that was the only time she could go.  I absolutely would have been safer if I hiked it alone. If I had been alone with her, we might very well have both died.

    Now that's not to say that you shouldn't take reasonable precautions and let people know where you are so they know to go looking for you if you don't show up. But expecting a buddy to save you is magically thinking. It sure as hell didn't help that poor women in India.

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