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View Diary: "I Won't Mess Up Anymore!", a desperate child pleads (Updated) (151 comments)

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  •  It's deliberate criminal behavior (0+ / 0-)
    our societal rugged-individualism, mind-your-own-business way we deal with family problems.
    I agree that this attitude is a problem and accounts for a lot of this sort of thing.  But this is also a voluntary belief system -- I don't buy the whole libertarian-nutcase mindset and neither do most other people.  I do blame the parents.  They followed whatever voices in their head told them to do this to their kids.

    The fact that there is a subset of society that believes in this warped moral inversion doesn't make it acceptable: it is criminal behavior.  Most mafioso also believe in a moral inversion; that doesn't make racketeering legal.  The parents are a threat to you and me, too.

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