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View Diary: San Francisco Bay Area Kossacks Meet THIS Sunday (11 comments)

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  •  Navajo... (4.00)
    ... if you promise not to hunt me down and stick a gold star on me, I will show you something... Go here to see a side project I was working on to help promote our group... don't know about issues using the art (hey, it says Steal what you want on dKos :-) but I was messing around. The PDF is 2 pages, front and back.
    •  I was thinking the same thing (none)
      Cards to hand out in person! I was going to suggest this at our picnic but you are way ahead of me.  Can you print some to hand out at the picnic? (Let's see...what other work can I create for highacidity) I think we will draw some attention for sure.

      "Who are you raving lunatics and can I join?"

      We could just leave some at the Irish beer joint afterward...just kidding.

      As usual, awesome work.  Glad you're on our team.

      I also saved Markos' first post because I think it describes us very well.

      I am progressive. I am liberal. I make no apologies. I believe government has an obligation to create an even playing field for all of this country's citizens and immigrants alike. I am not a socialist. I do not seek enforced equality. However, there has to be equality of opportunity, and the private sector, left to its own devices, will never achieve this goal.

      Markos Moulitsas

      I wondered if it would come in handy in gathering members.  Not sure how to make useful plagiarism of it tho' but I do like it.

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