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  •  I do think it would have been dishonest (2+ / 0-)
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    to pretend we didn't torture a ton of people in the hunt for Bin Laden.

    And I believe Bigelow when she said she intended to show that torture didn't work. I just don't think she did a great job of making that clear in the movie.

    (Just saw it yesterday.)

    As a novelist, I can tell you it's very hard to keep straight what you know of the story in your own head and what you made clear on the page. (Or in this case, on film.)

    As the creator, you know it so well. You know exactly what happened and a lot of stuff that you either never put down on the page or maybe put down and cut later. It's hard to read your own work with fresh eyes and see it as the reader will see it.

    I'm sure it's hard for her to see her own movie and see it only for what ended up in the final version we all saw.

    She was on Stephen Colbert and defended the movie by saying she tried to condense a 10 years of history into a two and a half hour movie. That's true, and that's really hard.

    If she'd just added one scene. Maya maybe questioning why they kept torturing when it wasn't getting them anywhere. You see her putting up with it, getting used to it, hardened to it, but she never questions that this is the method we're going to use to get information or saying that maybe there's a better way.

    Or if there was a scene with the President or whoever made the decision to stop noting that torture hadn't gotten them good information. That they were going to stop.

    What we got was the President on TV in the background saying he was ordering a stop to torture on moral grounds. (And I'm all for stopping on moral grounds.) But we needed a sentence or two. We've been doing this for years, and we're nowhere. There's a better way to do this, a smarter way, and we're starting now.

    Confession time: When I'm not ranting about politics, I write romance novels

    by teresahill on Wed Feb 06, 2013 at 10:53:24 AM PST

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