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View Diary: There's only one deficit reduction plan that would actually create jobs (101 comments)

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  •  It is too simple and common sense for the Beltway (16+ / 0-)

    so it can't be the plan.  Stupidity will once again reign supreme instead.

    •  Not that it's too simple (1+ / 0-)
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      it's that it doesn't include cuts to Medicare and Social Security benefits, so it's not a very serious plan in the minds of the "very serious people".  It's only a "very serious plan" if you're causing more suffering for those who can least afford it.  

    •  The beltway seems like a microcosm (4+ / 0-)

      of what our society has devolved into.  The great divide we really have in America is between realists (who like info and data and facts) and ideologues (who hold tight to beliefs no matter what facts they are confronted with.)

      That second group thinks that we have "the best medical care" on the planet.  The 1%ers might but the rest, not so much.  The second group thinks that above all, a bloated, high-tech, muscular military is a reflection of a nation's strength even if said military and its foreign adventures are bankrupting us.  They are convinced that low taxes on the rich and no taxes on multinationals will bring manufacturing jobs back.  Many of these folks seem to oppose prosecutions or even investigations into the huge frauds and reckless speculation that caused the near financial collapse of the US financial system because they believe $65 trillion in global credit default swaps (from which we are still deleveraging) does not exist or was caused by poor people in North Las Vegas buying houses they could not afford which means Jimmy Carter caused the whole mess.  

      People cannot see parallels between the massive wealth inequalities in the US in the late 20s and the late 2000s because their critical thinking skills have been impaired, apparently, by the endless caterwauling the bobbleheads do on FNC and AM radio about the 47% dragging the rest of us rugged individualists who made America great down into the gutter where they all live.  That same group is in a weird denial that their standard of living and their real wages have only slightly crept up in the last 30 years.  Or if they do see that they blame gay people, or poor people, or female people or immigrant people.  Never those responsible (both D&R) who engineered fiscal policy to benefit the top 5% at the expense of the bottom 95%.

      These are generally the same people who think evolution is hooey but angels are everywhere and oh arming everybody in society you and society safer.

      It's hard to argue facts against willfully blind faith.

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