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View Diary: Obama will nominate Sally Jewell to take over as secretary of interior. Strong opposition unlikely (125 comments)

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  •  Of course, it's a shame (2+ / 0-)
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    shenderson, Maverick80229

    that he had to ruin the name of a perfectly good 19th Century Scottish scientist in the process.

    "Valerie, why am I getting all these emails calling me a classless boor?"

    by TLS66 on Wed Feb 06, 2013 at 01:43:17 PM PST

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    •  At the end of the interview, when I put down... (2+ / 0-)
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      willyr, roadbear notebook, he, like many foolish interviewees, relaxed. Talked about God's ordering mankind to "have dominion" over the earth and brought up a totally unrelated issue. Did you know, he asked, that there is a bookstore a few blocks from here [an office near the Capitol building] "where there are lesbian how-to books"?

      I did know. It was the co-operatively run Radical Information Project, a bookstore with leftist and other political and cultural books and magazines where I volunteered a few hours a week. But I didn't tell him that.

      Don't tell me what you believe, show me what you do and I will tell you what you believe.

      by Meteor Blades on Wed Feb 06, 2013 at 02:21:25 PM PST

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