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  •  Why do I still live in the South? (1+ / 0-)
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    Charles Hall

    Because this is where our jobs are.  This is where my kids go to school.  Please don't be condescending to me & my fellow South-dwellers.  Note:  I don't really consider myself a Southerner, because I am a native Michigander, although I have lived in Texas for 28 years.  

    You are not really telling me anything I don't already know.  As another commenter posted, not everybody can build their house from scratch.  Sometimes we have to buy from existing stock, and they don't always build to suit the climate.  We've done pretty well for ourselves, since we DID custom build our house.  Our air conditioning bills are relatively lower than most in the area, but still reach $300+ a month in the summer.  I would guess that back home in Michigan, the heating bills are huge this time of year, where we are currently in that sweet spot when we don't need either heat or A/C.  So don't try to oversimplify the issues.  Should everybody in Texas just pack up and move Up North?  Not practical.  I believe that we may just keep getting hotter down here.  But I've also been reading about how the Great Lakes are drying up... So this affects everyone in different ways, and we need to figure out a solution that benefits all of us.

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