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View Diary: Virginia Republicans kill their own mid-decade redistricting plan (26 comments)

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    Virginia (like New Jersey) elects in the 4n+1 years. Currently the 3 statewide positions (Gov, LG and Atty General) are held by Republicans, but the Governor can only serve one term consecutively, so the position will be open in November. The LG actually stepped back in 2009 and ran for re-election with the promise that he would be supported in the leap to Governor. However the AG decided to run for Governor as well and outmaneuvered the LG by having the nominee selected by a Party Convention, not a primary. So the LG is pissed and there is a considerable chance the LG might run as an independent for Governor.

    The AG, Cucchenelli (sp?) is high degree of Republican nuts, the LG, Bolling considerably less so. While I'd much rather see a Democrat as the Governor of VA. Bolling as far as I can tell falls into the "Sane Republican" category.

    Bolling and Cucchenelli hate each other....

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